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Service & Products


UWB Product Design and Manufacturing Service

 GIT provide customized design and manufacturing services using GIT's UWB based technology. High speed data transfer, High resolution Real Time Location System and Body Area Network are the most suitable UWB applications.

Custom board Design and Manufacturing Service

 GIT provide various types of custom board. GIT's offering covers broad range of service, such as product planning, design, prototyping, testing and volume production. です。

LSI/Semiconductor Design and Mannufacturing Service

 GIT provide various types of semiconductor design services such as GaAs, CMOS and RFCMOS. GIT's expertize is Analog Mixed Signal design.


UWB Products

UWB PDK4 (UWB Development Kit) for RTLS
 Basic configuration is Four(4) base stations and two(2) tags. Different configuration is also available. This PDK include sample software for the system evaluation.
Please contact us for further information.

UWB PDK4 (UWB Development Kit) for Radar
 We provide development kit for high resolution radar. With this PDK, human movement, breathing and heart pulse could be detected. Applications are bed side sensor, inline foreigh material detection, diver's health monitor and etc..

UWB PDK4 (UWB Development Kit)
for Data Transfer

 Data transfer module is for UWB data transfer system development. Support on screen display for BER. PER and etc... Data transfer module with Raspberry Pi2 version is also available for efficient system development.

UWB RF Module
 One board UWB RF Transmitter and Receiver module. Japan high band (7.25GHz-10.25GHz) and US full band (3.1GHz-10.6GHz) RF module is currently available.

UWB Antenna
 High performance UWB Antenna. Three types of GIT's patented Biconical are available which are for Full band(3GHz+)、High band(5GHz+ and 7GHz+).

Other Products

RF connectors and Cable Assemblies

ISOTEC's RF connectors, Antenna and Cable assembly.
GIT accept customization of ISOTEC Products.

High Performance Bed Sensor

GIT offer Cedars' High Performance Bed Sensor.

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