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What's UWB?

Ultra Wideband

 UWB is a carrierless wireless communication and completely different from current narrow band or spread spectrum wireless communication architecture. Left figure shows spectrum comparison of each archiiecture.

 Approved frequency for commercial use is from 3.1GHz to 10.6GHz(USA Spec.) and the bandwidth is 7,500MHz which is ultra wideband.

 The emission power is limited to
-41.3dBm/MHz maximum. This level is about 1/500 of EMI noise level of television sets, personal computers, and othe electrical appiances.

 There are two types of UWB architecture which are Impulse Radio (or IR Radio) and Multi Band OFDM(MB OFDM). However, leading companies declined to promote MB OFDM, and now, IR UWB is becoming promissing architecture.
  Impuse UWB enables not only high speed data transfer but also high resolution real time location system and short distance radar system.
 Recently, Application to Medical Body Area Network System is being focused because of low interference to medical equipment and less penetration to human body. Global Standard for Medical BAN, IEEE 802.15.6 was finalized on February 2012.
 Japanese regulation approved two bands which are 3.4GHz-4.8GHz band (Low Band) and 7.25GHz-10.25GHz band (High Band). However, Since Low Band needs to implement DAA (Detect And Avoidance) function, High Band could mostly be used in real products.


Advantages of Impulse UWB

1. High Speed Communication

 Left figure shows waveform of typical Impuse UWB. The pulse width is about 200psec. With this Impluse UWB, over 1Gbps communication speed could be achieved.

2. High Resolution 3-D Locator

 Utilizing TOA (Time of Arrival) of Impulse UWB, high resolution 3-D location system could be achieved.

3. Low interference to Elecrical Equipment and Less penetration to human body

 Because of 1/1,000,000 emission power of Wireless LAN or 1/10,000,000 of cellular phone, suitable for medical application.


4. Low Power Consumption

 Power consumption could be minimized because of carrierless wireless communication.


5. Low Cost Solution

 Because of simplicity of ciucuitry, integrated into smaller die size and resulting low cost solutions.

Application Examples

High Resolution 3-D Real Time Location System
 High resolution location system as active tag system. Resolution could be optimize to less than 1cm.

High Resolution Wireless Surveilance Camera
 High resolution video image transfer capability. Installation cost could be minimized for difficult cabling area or temporary set up.
 3 to 5 video camera image could be received by one receiver with 640x480(VGA), 30fps.

Medical ICT BAN(Body Area Network) System
 Quality Of Life improvement could be realized through full time vital record monitoring.
 Global Standard IEEE802.15.6 was finalized to use Impuse UWB.

Wireless Video Adapter
 Wireless connection between personal computers and projector or external monitor.
 Elimination of cumbersome monitor cable change during a conference.

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